Massage Therapy in Grand Island, NE




Since 2005, Cobler Chiropractic has provided a range of chiropractic and wellness services in Grand Island, NE. Our doctors and staff are proud to serve patients of all ages with a range of services to help restore your health and improve your well being.

In addition to massage therapy, other services offered include:

  •  Prenatal Massage
  •  Hot Stone Massage
  •  Cupping
  •  Guasna

There are many benefits to massage therapy. When used in combination with chiropractic care, massage therapy can help address your specific pain and provide immediate relief. Each massage is customized to an individual’s needs, and serves as a great stress relief. As a stress management tool, massage offers patients:

  •  Increased Energy
  •  Better Sleep Quality
  •  Decreased Fatigue
  •  Improved Concentration
  •  Increased Circulation
  •  Decreased Anxiety

In addition, massage therapy can help patients address a number of specific health issues. These include:

  •  Enhancing the body’s natural defense system by stimulating lymph flow
  •  Easing dependence on medication
  •  Improving skin conditions
  •  Exercising and stretching tight, weak, or atrophied muscles
  •  Increasing joint flexibility
  •  Promoting tissue regeneration and reducing scar tissue
  •  Releasing endorphins
  •  Lessening depression and anxiety
  •  Assisting expectant mothers with easier and short labor, which results in shorter maternity hospital stays
  •  Improving circulation by pumping oxygen into vital tissues and organs
  •  Relieving migraine pain
  •  Softening and relaxing overused, tired, and injured muscles
  •  Reducing cramps and spasms

Massage therapy is just one of the many services Cobler Chiropractic offers to help improve your health and wellness. Our doctors are proud to provide chiropractic care, therapeutic modalities, and rehabilitation techniques to patients of all ages. In addition, we provide treatment for a range of common conditions including allergies, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, arthritis and more.


To learn more about our bodywork options, receive more information about massage therapy, or to schedule an appointment, please give our office a call at 308-382-2222. We look forward to hearing from you!